Outdoor Fun with Rock n Bowl

Rock n Bowl is the hottest new craze sweeping Sydney! It’s so stress free they say the hardest part is choosing the day and the venue! Once you’ve done that you can relax and let The Minister For Fun former Wallaby Bruce Malouf, former Wallaby Bruce Malouf, and his staff show you their take on lawn bowls, life and most importantly, having fun!

Rock n Bowl offers the complete fun package featuring a fully organised round-robin competition including semis and finals where everybody takes part. Every participant receives comprehensive tutoring, all equipment and there’s even a presentation with winners and losers trophies.

Rock n Bowl has proven consistently over the years that it has the secret to de-stress people from all walks of life. Members of the public walk off the street to find out what all the laughter is about; and major corporations now instruct their employee’s to take time off to go bowling instead of to their shrinks.

Rock n Bowl utilises the game of bowls to bring laughter, fun and competition to our clients lives.  And best of all… once you arrive you leave the work up to us. Simply put, it’s the best fun you can have on two feet!

Once considered a game for the ‘oldies’, lawn bowls ‘the Rock n Bowl way’ is one of the hottest events around.  It requires no gross motor skills; it is ageless; sexless and not dependant on weight or body shape. It is the perfect, non threatening platform for all to meet and mingle in the sporting arena.

The brainchild of Rock n Bowl, Bruce Malouf has been entertaining the crowds on the greens for years and still abounds with the same enthusiasm that made him a rugby union Wallaby some 20 odd years ago.

Bruce has spent ten years developing and mastering the concept of barefoot bowls. With his collective experience both on and off the bowling green and his team of dedicated gaming officers and management, Rock n Bowl now has the infrastructure, personnel, procedures and supporters in place to help rejuvenate and grow the sport in a very competitive and highly professional entertainment arena.

For further info, simply phone us on 8962 3050 or refer to the menu.

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