Corporate Bonding and Team Building in Sydney

Rock n Bowl has proven consistently over the years that it holds the secret to de-stress people from all walks of life. IMG_5607_edited Perfect for the Corporate arena, Rock n Bowl is a market leader in the field of Corporate Bonding and Team Building. Our unique round-robin competition brings people together,.
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Outdoor Fun with Rock n Bowl

Rock n Bowl is the hottest new craze sweeping Sydney! It’s so stress free they say the hardest part is choosing the day and the venue! Once you’ve done that you can relax and let The Minister For Fun former Wallaby Bruce Malouf, former Wallaby Bruce Malouf, and his staff show you.
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Once considered a game for the ‘oldies’

Once considered a game for the ‘oldies’, lawn bowls ‘the Rock n Bowl way’ is one of the hottest events around.  It requires no gross motor skills; it is ageless; sexless and not dependant on weight or body shape. It is the perfect, non threatening platform for all to meet and mingle in the sporting.
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